What is LGRRC?

The Local Governance Regional Resource Center of the Cordillera Administrative Region (LGRRC-CAR) is a dynamic, interactive and virtual program that contributes to building the Department of the Interior and Local Government as a knowledge centric organization (KCO) and builds learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation.

The LGRRC-CAR caters to the internal and external interested parties of the DILG-CAR including its six (6) provinces, one (1) highly urbanized city, one (1) component city, seventy-five (75) municipalities, and 1,176 barangays.

It was established in 2009 to: 1) promote a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing in pursuit of sustainable development through excellence in local governance; 2) support DILG-CAR in its role as a primary catalyst for excellence in local governance; 3) harness the role of DILG-CAR as knowledge brokers and facilitators of capacity development in local governance in the Cordillera Administrative Region; 4) facilitate the integration of knowledge management in DILG-CAR processes and systems towards building the Department as a Knowledge-Centric Organization; 5) be a dynamic, interactive and virtual program; 6) contribute to building the Department of the Interior Local Government-Cordillera Administrative Region as a knowledge-centric organization or KCO; 7) build learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation.

As center for excellence in local governance and as a product of convergence, the LGRRC-CAR is the primary source of information on local governance. Local government officials and employees, students, researchers, civil society organizations, local resource institutions, and other national line agencies may find information and answers to their inquiries on local governance in the LGRRC and its website.

Experts in the various fields may easily be tapped thru the LGRRC-CAR’s Multi-stakeholders Advisory Committee (MSAC). The members of the Committee are committed to provide technical assistance, information and other resources to assist the internal and external parties of the LGRRC-CAR.

As the world transitions to the new normal, the LGRRC-CAR is also building up on and strengthening its information and communications technology with the assistance of the Local Government Academy and the DILG Information Systems and Technology Management Service. This is to address the needs of its interested parties specifically to ease transactions, improve its knowledge management and implementation of its programs, projects, and activities, as well as its Quality Management System, and most importantly, to provide the best quality services to its interested parties. The establishment and upgrading of its facilities is also in keeping up with the current trends and situation and in order to be stay relevant as a knowledge-centric organization. The resource center continues to create linkages with various organizations to advance these gains, explore possible undertakings and push boundaries to build learning communities for local governance excellence.

 LGRRC-CAR e-Library

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