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LGU beefs up measures to beat Covid -19 in La Paz

LA PAZ, Abra -  The Local Government Unit (LGU) here is beefing up its measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), an official said today.

“We are hoping that our notable initiatives can mitigate the adverse effects brought by the COVID-19 menace,” said La Paz Mayor Menchie Bernos.

She said that the pandemic is indeed a battle of every human and every unit of government, but to ultimately win this battle, the collective effort and solidarity of everyone are needed.

Henceforth, the LGU spearheaded the following initiatives; immediate distribution of plastic laminated Home Quarantine Pass (HQPs), provision of free ride for medical frontliners, and rolling out of stores with strict compliance in physical distancing.

The LGU also urged the residents to embrace urban gardening for them to be able to contribute in significantly improving the supply of organically produced agricultural crops that will cater to their daily supply of food and provide additional supply of crops that could be sold in the available markets to help generate added income for the said families. ## OIC-MLGOO Santos B. Trinidad